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What can Michael J. Horan Solicitors do for you if you trip and fall in a public place?*

If you have a fall in a public place and suffer injury you may be entitled to compensation for that injury. The litigation team in Michael J. Horan, Solicitors, have extensive experience in dealing with these types of actions. These actions include acting for persons who have had accidents due to the defective nature of a road or footpath, such as pedestrians who have tripped on an uneven footpath. We have the experience to properly advise you about a potential claim.

Who was at fault?

It must be established that another party is at fault. We will assess whether you can establish that your accident is the fault of another party.

We will take detailed instructions from you including identifying the area where you fell. Once the scene of the accident has been identified, we can visit it and/or we can engage an engineer to inspect the scene and prepare an expert report on your behalf. This report will outline any trip hazard and assess whether the area in question was defective.

We will take a detailed statement from you about what happened and talk to any witnesses.

We will notify the responsible party of your claim and deal with them or their insurance company on your behalf.

Advice throughout the Process

We will obtain a medical report from your treating doctor. We will also seek your medical records from any hospital that you attended. Once we have a medical report we then lodge an Application Form with the Injuries Board. We will advise you throughout the Injuries Board process to ensure that your claim is properly presented and advise you on any award that is made.

If your claim is not resolved by the Injuries Board we will then guide you through the next stage of Court Proceedings. Our experience will ensure that your claim is processed efficiently and accurately.

If you would like further advice on these types of claims, please contact Michael J. Horan Solicitor, on 071 9140774 or info@michaeljhoran.ie

*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.”

MICHAEL J. HORAN, B.C.L. T.E.P. Solicitor