29th August 2014 mario

What can Michael J. Horan Solicitors do for you if you have suffered an injury at work?

Unless you, the employee, can establish that your employer is at fault then you will not be entitled to compensation for an injury at work.

The three areas where an employer might usually be at fault are:
1. Unsafe Place of Work. An employer must provide a safe place of work for its employees.
2. Unsafe Employees. An employer must provide competent fellow employees.
3. Unsafe Equipment. An employer must provide proper tools, equipment and training to enable the employee do their work.

Apart from the above there is also comprehensive legislation imposing strict obligations on an employer. However you as the employee must also take care of your safety and if you do not, you may have your compensation reduced.

If you suffer an injury at work
1. Medical Attention. Make sure you get medical attention as soon possible for your injury.
2. Report the accident: It is vitally important to report the accident/incident to your employer. You may be asked to complete an accident report form and you should seek a copy.
3. Witnesses? You should keep a note of any witnesses to the accident. If you instruct us about your accident, we will speak to those witnesses and have an engineer attend your workplace to inspect the area with you.

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*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.”

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